What You Can Expect From Us

  • 20+ years of serving Central Texas needs.
  • Competitive rates.
  • We always use the right worker’s comp code and we always pay exactly what you tell us to.
  • Drug tests and background checks in-office and can send reports within 30 minutes.
  • We pay all State and Federal Unemployment.
  • We pay Workers Compensation Insurance. “If they get hurt it is on us and not you”
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • Computer testing in-office where we can test typing, 10 key, and data entry skills. We can also test Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, etc).
  • Accurate and prompt invoicing.
  • We can provide references from our current clients upon request.
  • You can save taxes, absentee pay, fringe benefits and losses due to unproductive time.
  • We also terminate and provide moral conflict solutions.
  • You owe us nothing unless we place an employee with you.
  • We have the American Healthcare Act Figured out and the best part is, it wont change our rates!

What We Need From You

  • Signed Agreement
  • Full Job Description(s)
  • 24 hours notice for any and all job orders