Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

You Submit Jobs for posting by first contacting our Business Development Representative.  He / She will then review your needs, formulate an agreement, and provide you with everything to get started.  Once an agreement is signed you will be assigned one of our exceptional Staffing Professionals that can assist you in your needs.  They will post your jobs as needed.
The onboarding process is usually completed same day, baring any delays in the approval process on your end.
Placements staffs for many “Light Industrial Manufacturers”, “Heavy Industrial Manufacturers”, “Warehouses”, “Service Industries”, and much more.  The positions that we have staffed within these industries can range from general production to professional to administrative positions.
Placements Unlimited performs general safety training with every new hire that goes to work for us. In many cases some of the businesses that we work with have negotiated additional specialized training after a candidate has been selected and hired.
An on-site Representative is someone from our team that works hand in hand, on-site with your HR and management teams to ensure the quality, safety, training, and timeliness of those that we staff within your business meet and exceed all of your expectations.  This is real time access to a manager that we place at your company.  To qualify for an on-site manager you must first provide them with a space to work and we will provide them with phones, a computer, and anything else needed to perform their daily tasks.  Secondly you must have a minimum headcount at your facility for it to benefit your business and ours.

For Job Seekers

Placements Unlimited has OPTIONS. You can be paid by Check, Direct Deposit, and Pay-Card.  Pay-cards are easily set up, but you must work at your job a minimum of two weeks to have one issued.  Payday is every Friday.  If you start working at a new job on Monday, you will get payed the following weeks Friday.
Yes Placements Unlimited has multiple insurance plans for our staffed team members. Please talk with your Staffing Manager for details.
Please look at the Job Board on our website.
Placements Unlimited offers PTO (Paid Time Off) at some of our partner companies.  It is specific to company policy and depends on how the agreement was negotiated.
PPE is often provided by either Placements Unlimited or the partner company that you are working for.  There IS a cost associated with the PPE that you purchase through us.  If it is items that have been lent to you, and you do not return them, there is also a cost associated with it as well
Placements Unlimited does not provide transportation, however we can connect you with public forms of transportation to get you to and from work.