Square Boom Sanding Machine Operator

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August 9, 2022
Waco, Texas
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The Square Boom Sanding Machine Operator is responsible for staging and loading square and rectangular profile parts onto the dual belt sanding machines. This involves loading parts from small jibs to large profiles up to 16” in height. The machines have sensitive instruments that need to be maintained for proper machine function, such as height gage and safety switches. In addition, the jackscrews that raise and lower the machine can be fragile and care should be taken to not close the sanding head down on a part as it is passing through the machine.

The operator is expected to set up the machine for the proper height and remove no more than 0.015” per pass. Monitor the amperage meter on the machine to avoid high loads. When setting up to run a part, the operator must inspect the part for overall dimension and individual wall thicknesses. These dimensions shall be checked against the part print to ensure that all four walls and overall height and width are above the part dimension minimum. Parts should also be inspected for non-parallel walls coming out of the squeeze dies.

Any abnormal condition must be reported to the Sanding Dept Lead or immediate supervisor so that adjustments to the process upstream can be implemented quickly to prevent additional problems.

The operator will be responsible for developing a sanding strategy (some walls may need more sanding than others, and non-parallel walls should be sanded first) that will yield a squared part with even wall thicknesses and within customer dimensional tolerances.

The Sander Operator is responsible for keeping the area clean during and at the end of the shift and communicating any machine problems immediately to the Sanding Dept Lead, the immediate supervisor, or to maintenance, and should immediately stop production on the machine to prevent further damage to the device. The operator must wear the required PPE, safety glass, gloves, and a dust mask as needed.

Further requirements and conditions of the position:

  • Must be able to stand and walk for several hours at a time
  • Must be able to push and pull heavy parts to load onto the machine
  • Bend, stoop, and lift parts from cart to conveyor/roller tables
  • Must be able to read a drawing/print, tape measure, machine settings, and set up the machine for operation
  • Must be able to operate a manual hoist and inspect the hoist prior to operation.
  • Must have good eyesight and be able to observe part as it is being sanded. Must be attentive to details
  • Must pass a pulmonary test to be able to wear a dust mask
  • Must have good attendance and be prompt.
  • Must write legibly to transfer serial numbers on parts, and be able to communicate and work well with others. Must be able to follow directions/instructions.

Additional requirements as needed. This position is a 2nd shift and Must be able to work in a warehouse with NO AC.

Pay will be $15.00-$16.00

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