Stripper/Mandrel Extractor

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August 10, 2022
Waco, Texas
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Summary -

This critical position is intended to remove the composite part from the mandrel once the part has been fully cured. It is critical because the position is instrumental in preserving the expensive steel tools that are used to make parts. The position requires strength to manipulate the mandrel and parts with the material handling equipment. Determine proper plate sizes and occasionally lift plate and steel shaft into position. Occasionally fiberglass ends are squared off with a diamond grit circular saw. And once the mandrels are removed from the part, the stripper operator will apply liquid mold release to all surfaces to allow the water to evaporate and to provide a slick surface that prevents the next part from sticking to the mandrel. The stripper operator is often the first quality check on parts that have been removed from the dies.

Responsibilities -

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Coordinate with lead winder and lead squeeze die operator and the Master Scheduler/Expeditor to prioritize parts to be stripped.
Position parts in the stripper so that they are level and prevent unnecessary forces from being applied when stripping.
Observe the initial set of the part against the stripper plate to prevent damage to the mandrel and stripper plate (prevent calling, protect against any steel on steel abrasion, prevent journals or nuts from being pulled off the mandrel, and prevent damage to the part while stripping).
Saw cut ends of the part to square up with the stripper plate while using safe practices and wearing required PPE.
Report damaged mandrels to the supervisor or tooling manager immediately to allow time for repair without impacting the process.
Apply liquid release to all surfaces while the mandrel is warm/hot.
Operate stripper machine within safe parameters and not use excessive force. Report difficult to strip parts to the Squeeze Die lead, Tooling manager, or immediate Supervisor. Fill out the maintenance request form when necessary.
Inspect part for surface quality and report any defects to the Squeeze Die lead.
Report any equipment changes or failures to engineering/maintenance.
Move mandrels back into production or move to the mandrel storage area and move parts to the next station, stacking in a safe manner.

Must be able to lift 50 lbs., Read job travelers or customer prints, use and read a tape measure and calipers and be on feet for hours at a time. Being able to work in a Warehouse with NO AC!

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